Continuous Bulk Ink CIS CISS DIY KIT for HP F4288 F4292 F4293 F4440 F4435 F4450 F4480 F4294 C4600 C4610 C4635 C4640


Non-OEM Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)

DIY (do it yourself) CIS kit

For HP:


D1600, D1663, D1660, D2530
D2545, D2560, D2563, D2566
D2568, D2645, D2660, D2663
D2680, D5560, F2400, F2420
F2423, F2430, F2476, F2480
F2483, F2488, F2492, F2493
F4210, F4213, F4230, F4235
F4240, F4250, F4272, F4273
F4274, F4275, F4280, F4283
F4288, F4292, F4293, F4440
F4435, F4450, F4480, F4294


C4600, C4610, C4635, C4640
C4650, C4680, C4683, C4685
C4690, C4700, C4740, C4750
C4780, C4783, C4795, C4799

Compatible with printers that use 60 and 60XL Cartridges

Please note that you will need a set of new hp 60 cartridges to get DIY kit to work.

For the price of ONE set of cartridges you can purchase this system, which will save you hundreds of dollars on buying future cartridges.

This CIS DIY KIT comes with 16 oz (440 ml) of ink bottles equal to about 80 cartridges

100 ml Ink reservoirs allow for longer periods of time between refills.

Comes with easy step by step install instructions with pictures.

Our Ink is TOP Photo quality and UV resistant.

We have sold these CISS to thousands of happy customers. We also use them for our own printers and are very pleased with the quality.

Manufactured in China

100% compatible with HP printers

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