CISS for HP02 - Will work with all printers that use HP02 cartridges


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This is Continuous ink supply system CISS

NON OEM Cartridge system
Fits HP Printers that use HP 02 Cartridges
Compatible with HP 02 cartridges

HP Photosmart 8250 3210 3310 8230 3110 8238 3308 3108;
Photosmart D5180 D7160 D7360 C5180 C6180 C7180
Photosmart C8180 C7280 C6280 D7260 D7360 D7460 C7250
C8721 87771 8772 8773 8774 8775
Will work with ALL HP Printers that use HP 02 Cartridges

This CISS is filled with Best Ink found. Don't be mislead by other sellers.

This is the BEST CISS for your printer.

Once the ink level reached 10% it will reset the levels automatically for you

For the price of one set of cartridges you can have this system that will save you hundreds of dollars on buying cartridges.
With this system you will never need to buy cartridges again.

This will save you ton of money because it comes with 600ml of Ink = to about 60 ink Cartridges and when ink gets low it's very simple to add ink to ink to the system

This CISS comes with 21oz (600ml) of DYE ink
3.5oz (100ml) of each color

And since the ink is Pre-filled there is no mess or hassle when it comes time to fill it.
Ink filled in CISS system that we sell is TOP Quality Dye Ink and UV resistant. We have sold over six thousand of these systems with this ink and everyone is very happy with the ink quality. The quality has been determined by user feedback and no additional testing has been done.

Manufactured in china and 100% compatible with HP printers

Inks are identical to the original OEM inks
This system comes with a new auto reset chip.

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 16 February, 2009.

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